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Designed to fit your lifestyle and garden

We're highly specialised award-winning natural pool designers and builders. And we've spent over 20 years creating natural swimming pools and water gardens for UK-wide clients looking for the ultimate in outdoor living.

A natural swimming pool can be created in almost every outside space with a style, size and finish designed to blend with your house and garden. 

Whether you want a watery retreat in a secluded spot or a contemporary natural swimming pool by your patio, your pool will be crystal clear, chemical-free, low maintenance and a magnet for wildlife.

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What is a natural swimming pool?

A natural pool or swimming pond is a swimming pool that's filtered and purified hydrobotanically by water plants and a biological filtration system. That means clear, hygienic, living water without the need for chemicals.

Native aquatic plants grow in the pool’s regeneration zones,  absorbing nutrients from the water and helping keep the water balanced and algae at bay. Biotop's world-renowned filtration system ensures crystal-clear, hygienic water. And ultra-quiet, submerged pumps and a hidden hydraulic system work hard below the surface circulating the water through the filters without the need for a plant room.

The result is a balanced, natural-looking pool with water that feels like wild swimming in a mountain lake: soft, sparkling and with an energy that's both rejuvenating and relaxing. 

Explore our award-winning natural swimming pool at Ellicar GardensProject Gallery

Natural Pool Types

Natural Pools

Formal, contemporary or naturalistic design to fit your lifestyle. Make it family friendly with beaches, steppingstones and more. Create moving water through millstones and rills, and finish with decking for outside dining. The ultimate in outdoor living.

Prices from (EXC VAT)
80m2 - £100,000
100m2 - £135,000
200m2 - £200,000
300m2 - £260,000
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Louth Natural Pool

Swimming Ponds

Shaped from the earth and with a smaller ecological footprint, swimming ponds make the ideal watery retreat for wildlife lovers, wild swimmers, and anyone preferring a concrete-free pool.

Prices from (EXC VAT)
100m2 - £80,000
200m2 - £140,000
300m2 - £190,000
More info
Kilham Swimming Pond

Living Pools

A conventional-looking pool but with chemical-free biological filtration and without aquatic plants. Better for you, better for the environment.

Prices from (EXC VAT)
50m2 - £100,000
More info
Living Pool

Gardeners' World

See one of our recent projects featured on BBC Gardeners' World

Our Southwell Natural Swimming Pool and Landscaped Gardens are featured on Friday 15th September's episode of Gardeners' World. To watch the episode Click Here (Feature 16.15)

To see the full project and case study, click on the link below.


Why choose a natural swimming pool?

Good for your body, mind, and spirit

Swimming in chemical-free, living water has proven health benefits and leaves you feeling energised and rejuvenated. 

Designed to fit your lifestyle and garden

Natural pools are a versatile place for family fun, al-fresco dining, relaxation and quiet contemplation, and reconnecting with nature. 

Low maintenance and low running costs

Low level maintenance requirements and low energy draws mean lower running costs with less maintenance than a conventional pool. 

Ecological benefits

A natural swimming pool transforms your garden into an oasis for wildlife. Enjoy swallows dipping, dragonflies, newts and amphibians and underwater pond life tucked away in the planted areas. Around the water's edge you'll see pollinators, birds bathing and bats in the evenings. 

Giving a home to an abundance of wildlife, your pool will play a vital part in protecting our planet and take care of your health and wellness, naturally.

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Pool Designer and Computer

Natural Pool Design

We’ve studied how people use water and interact with landscapes for many years. So, we understand how to design and build your natural pool to be perfect for you and your family.

Design Process
natural pool construction

Pool Construction

Designing and building a long-lasting natural pool takes a team of pool-building experts. Our BALI and APL-accredited pool specialists and landscape craftsmen construct and install your natural pool from start to finish.

Pool Construction


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