Letwell Garden Project
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Sanctuary gardens and ecological spaces

Our Ethos

Sarah Murch

We’re on a mission to reconnect people with nature and preserve our planet.

Designing sustainable, ecological landscapes and creating easy-to-manage gardens with habitat for wildlife, planting that’s good for the environment and design details that address some of today’s environmental challenges sit at the heart of our work.

Whether a family garden, country garden, wild meadowscape or woodland, we overlay our core principles with your vision and apply our landscape expertise to create a sanctuary for you and habitat for wildlife.

Our Values

George and Chester

Ecological Garden Design

Our core principles evolved when founders Will and Sarah developed their 11-acre naturalistic family gardens at Ellicar. Today those principles and collective knowledge of the land, soils, wildlife, plants, water, environment, and site ecology help create beautiful, biodiverse spaces UK-wide.

Our core values:

  • User-friendly gardens that are beautiful all year and easy to maintain
  • Gardens and planting schemes that work with the site's biodynamics - water, wind, sun, topography, for a thriving year-round garden
  • Use of local and sustainable materials wherever possible to support local communities and our planet
  • Creation of biodiversity and habitat for wildlife
  • Inclusion of UK-grown plants sourced from our trusted growers 
  • Improving the soil to support healthy plants, improve drainage, reduce flooding and soil erosion and sink CO2
  • Water conservation in design, build and maintenance 
  • Reducing flooding through improving site drainage sustainably
  • Tree planting to help offset our carbon footprint
  • Planting schemes to attract and support wildlife 
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Garden Types

Ecological Landscapes

Specialising in biodynamic landscapes, we create wild, naturalistic spaces and tapestry gardens that blend into the surrounding countryside, link gardens to wilder spaces and evolve and increase biodiversity.

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Ellicar Garden

Domestic Gardens

We transform your space into a sanctuary you'll love with vibrant, easy-to-look-after planting schemes that attract wildlife, and trees and shrubs for structure, blossom, winter bark and fragrance. Your gardens will be beautiful all year and a boost to your wellbeing. 

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Letwell Garden Project

Water Gardens

Include water into a garden, be it a tiny bird bath, a lively stream, or a garden pond and you bring it alive. Water attracts wildlife, increases your garden's biodiversity and becomes a focal point. It draws people in, energises, refreshes, mesmerises, and encourages us to be still and reflect. And creating gardens around water is what we enjoy most.

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Water Rill


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