Lincolnshire Natural Pool
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Lincolnshire Natural Pool

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This stunning Natural Pool with its surrounding water garden, forms a link between the formal gardens above and the rolling wild flower meadows and lakes below.

A truly bespoke project, where the pool is designed to fit into its surroundings- here the rolling Lincolnshire wolds- and provide an oasis for a busy family who were keen to encourage wildlife.

This was an exciting project for us. Firstly we designed a natural pool to fit into the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds, linking an existing formal garden with the existing wild flower meadows and lakes below. The natural pool was also designed for the needs of a busy family, with teenagers, keen on swimming and wildlife.

The pool is simple and expansive. A 6m x 15m swim zone with a paved shallow end and steps leads out to a gently shelving beach allowing views across the water to the lakes below.

Pool overview
Surface are 320m2, swim zone 150m2, surrounded by regeneration zone and plant filter, with Biotop filtration.

We designed the pool garden with a loose, naturalistic planting scheme, around the water, with walkways to the water, opening onto secluded seating areas, always keeping the magnificent view across the meadows.

Pool under construction

After constructing and installing the natural pool we set about improving and preparing the ground for soft landscaping.

Ground preparation is key to success. The photographs below show how the planted borders have grown together and flowered beautifully within one growing season.

Soft landscaping
Soft landscaping

We broke up the compacted ground around the pool, installed land drains and prepared the soil well, incorporating soil conditioner. The borders have around 2700 perennials and grasses, specimen trees and shrubs. We also sowed a perennial flower meadow which links the pool garden with the surrounding wild flower meadows, and flowers for a long season.

Naturalistic borders
Naturalistic borders one year after planting
Perennial flower meadow
Perennial flower meadow one year after sowing

The beach has decorative boulders and water flows back into the pool from surface skimmers via a millstone.

Swimming and Mill stone
Swimmers in natural pool