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Enjoy crystal clear, chemical-free water and a lower cost than other natural pools.

Swimming ponds are concrete-free. They’re constructed by excavating and profiling earth-shaped walls to form a swim zone surrounded by regeneration zones where beautiful aquatic water plants help balance the water.

The pool is lined using either a 1.00mm EPDM or 1.2mm TPO flexible liner and they have the same biological filtration system as a natural swimming pool so you can enjoy swimming in crystal clear, chemical-free water. 

With plenty of space for swimming, they're a naturalistic retreat for wildlife lovers and anyone wanting to wild swim in their own garden. 

With less construction involved, swimming ponds are also a lower-cost natural pool option.

Crystal-clear, chemical-free water, always 

Beautiful water plants sit in the swimming pond, naturally purifying and filtering the water, keeping it hygienically clean. Our swimming ponds are also fitted with world-renowned Biotop water balancing technology to keep the water crystal clear.


What are the benefits of a swimming pond?

Naturalistic outline makes it ideal for country gardens. 

The swimming zone and regeneration areas are separated by low submerged walls leaving you plenty of space to enjoy clear, hygienic, living water without the need for chemicals.

The water appears effortlessly natural by a carefully planned hydraulic system hard at work below the surface circulating the water through biological and mineral filters, ensuring it’s hygienic and fit for swimming all year round.

The result is a balanced pool, with water that feels like a mountain lake close to its source: soft, sparkling and with an energy that’s both rejuvenating and relaxing. And just like your garden, natural pools change with the seasons, giving you a still, reflective surface in winter which is where they get their name, sky mirrors.

Explore our award-winning natural swimming pool at Ellicar Gardens

Long swimming season thanks to natural thermal gain, with temperatures reaching 26C in summer.

Magnet for wildlife using regeneration zones with native aquatics and marginal flowering plants.

Beautiful all year and changes with the seasons like a garden.

Can seamlessly blend with your garden.

Lower construction costs and smaller ecological footprint than other pools.

Minimal maintenance with a professional service in winter. 

Low running costs.

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How much does a swimming pond cost?

Costs are approximate and exclude VAT. Final costs are subject to design, finish, ground conditions, access and location. Costs do not include decking and paving around the pool.

100m2 earth excavation - £80,000
200m2 earth excavation - £140,000
300m2 earth excavation - £190,000
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cleaning a natural pool

What maintenance is involved with a swimming pond?

Customer maintenance

Only low-level maintenance is needed during the swimming season. The pool swim zone floor should be vacuumed once a month and the skimmer needs checking and emptying daily – it takes just a couple of minutes. In autumn, leaves need removing using a net.

Professional servicing

Cost: around £800 per pool service plus travel

Each winter our pool maintenance team services your natural pool, cuts back the water plants, cleans and vacuums the pool and services the pumps and filters. We test and analyse your pool's water to ensure it's balanced.

Once every 4-5 years your pool requires a full service. The regeneration areas are thoroughly cleaned, ensuring your pool remains in good health with crystal-clear water.

During the swimming season we offer a consultation visit to assess pool plant growth and establishment.


Natural Pool overhead swimmers

Natural Pools

Concrete reinforced
Biological filtration
Soft or hard borders
Aquatic planting
From £100,000 ex. VAT
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Kilham Swimming Pond

Swimming Ponds

Earth excavation
Biological filtration
Soft borders
Aquatic planting
From £80,000 ex. VAT
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chemical free living pool

Living Pools

Concrete lined
Biological filtration
Hard borders
No planting
From £100,000 ex. VAT
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How warm is the water?
Are there any chemicals at all?
How is the water kept clean?
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