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Ecological Landscapes

Environmentally sustainable landscapes

Our Ethos

Natural Pool and Landscape

Environmentally sustainable landscapes that benefit wildlife underpin our core values. 

We are all custodians of our small patches of earth. And helping our clients achieve their dream landscapes while doing something good for the planet feels a privilege.” Sarah Murch, founder

Specialising in biodynamic landscapes, we create wild, naturalistic spaces that blend into their surroundings. Our gardens feel part of the wider countryside, evolve naturally and increase in biodiversity.

As water experts, we also design, install and champion biologically filtered wildlife ponds that complement your space and provide much-needed habitat for an abundance of wildlife. 

Ecological landscapes sit at the heart of everything we do.   

Our Approach

A spectacular space that works with its environment

We bring our collective knowledge of the land, soils, wildlife, plants, water and the environment to every project. And we combine it with an innate understanding of the ecology of your site to create a spectacular space that works with its environment. 

We select plants that suit the soil and thrive on your site’s biodynamics, like water, wind and sunlight. Thoughtful planting reduces surface water run-off to minimise flooding and improve drainage.

Expertly placed and planted trees filter the prevailing wind creating a sheltered oasis. And that’s just for starters. 

And with our clients’ lifestyles in mind, we create low-maintenance naturalistic planting schemes using handpicked plants from our trusted UK growers. 

Every project also benefits from our hands-on experience developing our own 11-acre naturalistic gardens with meadows and woodlands. So you can be sure we understand the intricacies and practicalities of sustainable land management.

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Your Ecological Space

Naturalistic planting design

Knowing your land, we select plants to grow well on your soil, flower in succession and die gracefully. So your space looks beautiful throughout the changing seasons and supports wildlife all year round. 

Our naturalistic planting schemes are carefully designed to knit together quickly with a matrix of grasses chosen for their wild feeling, interwoven with perennials and bulbs for a landscape that evolves and changes seasonally. Read More...

Naturalistic Planting

Meadowscapes and swales

Meadows are riotous, happy places with thousands of flowers jostling for space and alive with pollinators and insect life. 

The success of a meadow relies on the right ground preparation, seeding and establishment management. However, it starts with choosing a suitable seed mix with species that will thrive on your site. And our knowledge of soils, the environment and plant species enables us to choose the right meadow mix for your land. Read More...



“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now.”

Across the globe, woodlands play a huge role in fighting climate change, improving biodiversity and reducing flooding. At Ellicar, we’ve planted over 1100 trees over 11 years on our own 11 acres. And in the last 20 years, we’ve specified and planted 20,000 trees and counting for our clients. It’s fair to say we’re big believers in trees and woodlands and know a thing or two about planting them! Read More...



Landscape Design

Consultation and landscape design

It all begins with a consultation and walkabout with you in your garden. 

Next come our concept plans indicating meadow areas, trees, woodland zones and planted areas. 

Services Planting Plans

Planting schemes and seeding plans 

Planting plans are drawn up for woodlands and orchards, and seeding plans specify seed mixes and sowing rates for meadow areas. While planting plans for naturalistic planting schemes show the position and densities of shrubs, perennials, grasses and bulbs.

Ground Preparation

Grading and ground preparation

Then it’s on to grading, ground preparation and cultivation of the land to get it ready for meadow seeding. 

We also install site drainage, swales and prepare the ground prior to tree planting. 

Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping, tree planting, meadow seeding 

With ground preparation complete, meadows are hand sown using a grid system and UK-sourced woodland trees are set out and planted in position with biodegradable tree guards.

For naturalistic planting schemes, we supply, set out and plant up UK-grown plants and bulbs direct from our valued growers.


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