Water Rill
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Water Gardens

Bring your garden alive with water


Introducing water into your garden, be it a tiny bird bath, a sparkling stream, or a still garden pond, brings it alive.

Water attracts wildlife and increases biodiversity, turning your garden into a home for an abundance of species. Water draws people in too - energising, refreshing, mesmerising and encouraging us to be still and reflect.

Your Water Garden

Wildlife ponds and lakes

Well-balanced ponds are a magnet for wildlife, providing much-needed habitat. Enjoy spotting different species as they visit your pond, and watch your garden quickly come alive as the ecosystem develops. Read More...

Streams and watercourses

Moving water energises a space. It creates sound loud enough to mask traffic or soft enough to be a backdrop to birdsong.

Imagine water splashing down a hillside over pebbles, cascading over rocks, bubbling through boulders in gravel gardens. Read More...

Water planting schemes

Plants like dierama arch gracefully over the water’s edge while water mint releases its uplifting fragrance as you brush by its aromatic leaves. Grasses shimmer, complementing the water’s rippling surface. Read More...


Pool Designer and Computer

Concept plans and technical drawings 

We visit your garden to learn more about your ideas and assess the site. Drawing on our expertise we bring your vision to life through concept plans and visuals.

Following on we detail technical construction drawings and hydraulics plans for the landscape and water feature. Ensuring your project appears natural and at home in its surroundings requires substantial technical detailing. Our drawings and plans encompass hidden construction, hydraulics, balance tanks, pump chambers and more. 

Planting plans

Planting plans 

Planting plans are drawn up for inside the water’s edge and around the water. They show you the position and densities of shrubs, perennials, grasses and bulbs, and aquatic plants that will bring your garden alive.

Pool construction

Construction and soft landscaping

Our established pool construction team constructs your watercourse, including groundworks, concrete foundations, boulders and cobbles, balance tanks, liner installation, pipework, pumps and electrics. Then our soft landscaping team prepares the ground and plants up in and around the water’s edge and wider garden.

Natural Pool servicing


Once construction is complete our soft landscaping team carry out ground preparation and planting up, both in and around the water’s edge and wider garden.


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