Natural Pools

Looking for a change in lifestyle?

Why your outside space might hold the answer

February 9, 2021

Sitting on the deck beside our natural pool with a backdrop of birdsong and bubbling water, already I feel relaxed after a long, busy day. A gentle breeze sends ripples of light across the pool’s surface, a charm of goldfinch splash beside the jetty, and a starling flies down to the beach for a drink. 

I’ve appreciated our gardens and natural pool more than ever this year – they’ve seen me through the toughest of times. I realise I’m fortunate to enjoy acres of space, but as a landscape designer, I know any outside space can be turned into the perfect place to kickstart and enjoy that longed-for lifestyle. 

Breathe new life into your outside space  

Almost everyone wants to enjoy more outdoor living, and many are opting for staycations. There’s a trend for taking the workplace outside too, with luxury garden offices. So your garden needs to do more than look beautiful. That’s why my landscape designs are functional too and fit with your way of living. 

Thoughtful design can breathe new life into your garden to give you the lifestyle you’ve been looking for. And if you want to truly embrace a different way of life, it might be time to think about investing in a natural pool too. It takes outdoor living to another level for everyone.

Outdoor Pool

Water is the perfect backdrop to year-round outdoor living

Still, reflective waters; mesmerising ripples and gentle waves that soothe the soul. The perfect setting for picnics, parties, family get-togethers, and glorious afternoon gatherings with friends. Whether you’re BBQing on the sun deck or indulging in an al-fresco sit-down dinner in your dining area, your natural pool is the perfect backdrop and a sure-fire conversation starter. 

Kids playing in pool

An antidote to modern life

Imagine sliding into crystal clear, chemical-free water and feeling it gently wash away the day’s stress. Your mood lifts, you’re relaxed and rejuvenated - ready to enjoy the remains of the day.  

Or simply sit. Watch the wildlife and listen to the birdsong. Feel your shoulders loosen and thoughts slow as you unwind beside the water. 

A natural pool isn’t just the for warmer months either. A winter’s day dip before plunging into the hot tub is a luxurious treat for all your senses. 

Swimming in pool and dog with ball

Get closer to nature

Swallows dip and dragonflies dart alongside you – it’s like wild swimming in your own garden. Watch bats hunting over the water while you soak up the last rays of sunlight. See the children splash with excitement as they don their masks and snorkels to discover the incredible giant aquarium of pond life that lives hidden away amongst the water plants. 

Did you know? 

You can enjoy the benefits of chemical-free swimming without plants. While natural pools are filtered and purified by water plants, living pools are plant-free yet still with zero chemicals. They can be indoors or outside and heated to 30C.

If you’d like to experience Ellicar Gardens and relax by the award-winning natural pool, why not visit on one of our open days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about making the most of your garden with a redesign and natural pool prompts many questions.

Here are some of the most frequently asked – if your question isn’t answered, I’m always happy to have a chat.  

I’ve got some ideas for my garden, can you do some designs?
Of course. I listen to your ideas, get to know your lifestyle or aspirations, and put together plans that will work with your outside space and what you want to achieve. 

Can you landscape my garden from start to finish, to include a natural pool?
Yes – my garden design services encompass design and planning through to landscaping, planting and optional maintenance. They include pool design and build too. One team working on the whole project allows a seamless finish between the house, garden and pool.

What size are natural pools?
They start from 40m2 and go up to swimming lake size. Most natural pools have a sun deck or paved area adjacent to the water too. You can include a cabin, hot tub and more to create a luxurious outdoor living space.

Can I have a natural pool if I live in a listed property?
Absolutely, the ecological benefits often make it easier to get planning permission over a conventional pool. Plus, no unsightly blue rectangle! A natural pool blends seamlessly into your garden and complements your home. 

Are they suitable for children?
Whether your priority is family fun, swimming lengths or a bit of both, your pool will be practical and fun for everyone. We can incorporate boulders, jetties, steppingstones, play beaches and more. Fountains and water boulders make it more lively, and lighting means you can enjoy it after dark too. 

I prefer a contemporary style, is that possible?
Yes! Whether you want a naturalistic retreat, a lavish contemporary pool or a fuss-free plunge pool to complement the hot tub, we specialise in designing a pool to fit your taste and lifestyle. 

Are natural pools time-consuming to look after?
Definitely not. They’re low maintenance, only requiring a professional service once a year. Because the water warms up quickly with natural solar gain, there’s no need for heating; they have low energy costs and a longer swimming season. 

How warm is the water?
The water heats up quickly in spring, and in summer you can expect temperatures between 20C and 24C. Living pools can be heated to 28C all year with a heat pump. 

How does the water stay balanced and clean?
Instead of chlorine and other chemicals, the water is filtered and purified naturally by water plants and a special Biotop filtration system: It feels just like a mountain lake - no more stinging eyes, irritated skin or dry hair. 

Where can I see your garden and pool designs?
Visit our website to see past projects and get some inspiration. And why not visit us in person at Ellicar Gardens. With 5 acres of vibrant, wildlife-friendly and naturalistic gardens, specimen trees and carpets of bulbs in spring, they’re a treat for the senses. And our award-winning natural swimming pool sits at the heart of our gardens.