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Garden Design

Garden Design

By a professional designer, avid gardener, plant enthusiast and wildlife lover

I believe gardens need to do more than look beautiful; they should be good for the planet too. That's why I've spent over 20 years helping garden-lovers create uplifting, functional and wildlife-friendly spaces through my garden designs. Detailed knowledge of plants, water, soils, wildlife, the environment and ecology of a site sat at the heart of my own garden design many years ago; today it's called environmental landscaping. 

I live and breathe gardens. They run through every part of my life, not only my work, and I respect every outdoor space. So, you can have faith in my knowledge, practical ability and personal investment in your project.

My clients have a love of gardens too. They offer escapism and relaxation for busy individuals. For others, they give a sense of purpose, a chance to potter and grow simply for pleasure. Many of my clients know how they’d like their dream garden to look, but most don't have the time or knowledge to create it themselves. That's where I come in.

naturalistic planting

Complete garden design service

plus complete garden landscaping

My garden design services encompass design and planning through to landscaping, planting and optional maintenance so you can sit back and see your garden take shape under my watchful eye. And I bring in my specially selected team of professionals for extra expertise. Just as I design every detail to work with the space, soil, site dynamics and you as my client, my specialist team are chosen with your garden in mind.

And I demystify plants for you along the way too so you can care for your garden confidently, experiment or simply relax and watch your garden develop into a vibrant space full of life.

Thoughtful design and compassion for the land breathe new life into your outdoor space to give you a retreat and create a sanctuary for birds and wildlife. Watch it come alive, discover delicate new details every day and rediscover nature in your own back garden.

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The Design Process

straightforward yet comprehensive design program

My straightforward yet comprehensive design process includes a garden walkabout while I listen to your ideas and take in your personality and lifestyle. Then I carry out a site survey and develop a concept design for discussion and amendments. Materials and outline costs are incorporated to produce the final concept plan. Planting plans are created, construction drawings are drawn up for features such as pergolas, ponds, and a patio and specifications are detailed. Rest assured, it’s a little more involved than this, but it gives you a flavour for my approach.

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Ecologically friendly planting schemes

to take care of your wellbeing and our wildlife

I specialise in ecologically friendly planting schemes for every type of garden which are easy to care for, beautiful all year round and mean you can watch wild birds and more from your window. These days, a 'wildlife garden' doesn't have to mean unkempt and with wildflower meadows. They can be formal and tidy, chic and contemporary or naturalistic and relaxed in style.

Gardens are powerful spaces. They're good for our minds and bodies. And they're crucial to improving our environment. Our gardens help lessen pollution, improve air quality, reduce flooding, cut CO2, increase biodiversity and provide habitat for wildlife.

With UK wildlife species in alarming decline and damage to our environment ever-increasing, wildlife and ecological design weave their way through all my projects. Our gardens are a vital source of habitat and food for wild birds, amphibians, insects and mammals. And help protect our natural world. 

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Formal, contemporary or naturalistic

Wildlife isn’t fussy

Beautiful flowers are a food source for pollinators, bringing butterflies and bumblebees back into gardens. Seed heads and grasses appear architectural during winter while being a vital source of food for wild birds. Shrubs and trees add structure to a space and provide habitats and nesting places. Mulches keep soils alive, bringing biodiversity from the ground up, as well as habitat for amphibians and invertebrates. 

Whatever your style, wildlife isn't fussy. It just needs the right plants plus a sprinkling of care and compassion.

Through your garden, you can play your part in reversing our declining wildlife and reducing the impact of modern-day living on our planet.   

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British-grown plants

that bring your garden to life

Every plant is suggested and selected for a specific purpose in your garden: for texture and colour, for screening, form and structure. And for fragrance, movement and interplay with light. Then they're carefully handpicked by me from UK growers.

Being married to a horticulturalist and nurseryman I know just how much time and dedication it takes to grow a plant to perfection, and I turn to my trusted growers to give me the best of the bunch. Your garden will bloom with British-grown bulbs, perennials, shrubs, and trees wherever possible.

Larger projects can require something a little different, and so I source plants and grow them on specially to deliver extraordinary designs.

Hands-on construction expertise

for a garden designed to last a lifetime

Thoughtful design needs underpinning with a practical understanding of how gardens are built if your newly created space is to stand the test of time. My hands-on experience of significant construction works together with my precise and detailed work with water means I have in-depth knowledge of construction, hard landscaping, drainage and ground preparation.

So, you can be confident that what's beneath the surface of your garden is given the expert care and attention necessary to ensure every part of its design lasts for years to come.

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Maintenance & Aftercare

plus, optional ongoing maintenance

 For added peace of mind, I will monitor your garden as it establishes and draw up a maintenance program for you to follow.

Or you can take advantage of my garden maintenance services with regular or yearly maintenance, including skilled horticultural tasks, and 5-yearly border makeovers to keep plants growing strong and healthy.

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