Nottinghamshire Swimming Pond
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Nottinghamshire Swimming Pond

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Our brief was to create a natural looking swimming pond, fitted with Biotop's filtration technology to ensure crystal clear water for our client. the pond should be wildlife friendly, should have no construction showing, and while our client initially was not intending swimming, it soon became apparent that the pool would be used and enjoyed by our client and his family. Who can resist swimming in water as beautiful as this?

Pool surface area 300m2, swim zone 120m2, regeneration zone 100m2, plant filter and filtered beach 80m2

This organic shaped swimming pond flows around an existing patio close to the house creating a relaxing living space for our clients and their family to spend time beside the water.

We designed and constructed this swimming pond with earth shaped profiles and organic edges so all construction is hidden below the water's surface. The central swimming zone has water lilies spilling over the edges, and the regeneration zones are planted richly with native oxygenators, and fringed with marginals that flower from spring through to autumn.

A shallow beach and surrounding reed bed area are the filtration system for this swimming pond, keeping the water hygienic and filtered. the beach is perfect for young children to play in the shallow water, and here the water warms up quickly with natural thermal gain.

A bespoke, curved oak deck wraps around the deep end of the pool, and the water is accessed by a ladder from the deck.

Behind the pool we constructed a small rill from Scottish cobbles. The water is directed from the pool to the rill and returns via a splash stone into the pool, with the sound of splashing water. Here we planted water cress which enjoys growing in moving water. Surrounding the rill is a bog garden with waterside perennials and grasses.

This is a beautiful, naturalistic looking swimming pond that merges into its surroundings and creates a habitat for wildlife and a wonderfully relaxing living space for our clients.

Swimmers in natural pool