Nottinghamshire Natural Pool
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Nottinghamshire Natural Pool

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Designed and constructed especially for a client who enjoys wild swimming.

120m2 Natural Pool, 48m2 swim zone with a surrounding regeneration zone and plant filter.

Constructed raised above ground, with stone retaining walls, this natural pool blends in beautifully with the house and garden, giving our client the perfect swimming spot.

Designed for easy management and swimming, this natural pool has a swim zone 4m wide and 12m long, with a small play beach, perfect for when young children come to visit.

The swim zone is surrounded by regeneration zones with beautiful water lilies that have been in our client's family for generations, and fringed with lilies and reeds, which gives you the feel of swimming in the middle of your garden.

A sun deck at one end doubles as a diving platform. Water circulates back into the pool via a millstone and jets on the beach.

Constructed to work with a high water table

This natural pool is raised above ground level to work with the site's high water table. The pool walls are retained by attractive stone terraces, which are softened by aromatic planting and blend with the house perfectly.

Swimmers in natural pool