East Yorkshire Natural Pool
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East Yorkshire Natural Pool

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A Natural Pool for a country house, designed as focal point of the new garden and especially for a young family.

Surface area 174m2, swim zone 87m2, regeneration zone 38m2 with a 48m2 filtered beach and plant filter.

Revisiting this natural pool one summer, it was a joy to see huge inflatables and children's toys around the edges, signs that this family pool is being thoroughly enjoyed and used by its young family

Designing a natural pool for three young children under 5 with clients wishing to swim lengths surrounded by beautiful water plants, I thought back to our own natural pool at Ellicar, and how my younger children played in the shallow water. So we created a shallow end 750mm deep, with steps and linked this to a play beach with fine grit and boulders, which spills out to a deep dry play beach, so the children have a safe area to play right next to the main deck.

The main larch deck opens up to a pool house, great for entertaining, where adults can sit and relax together while keeping an eye on their children.

The 4m x 12m swim zone is ideal for swimming lengths and bordered by a long L shaped regeneration zone, where flowering water lilies spill out over stone attractive stone coping in summer.

Behind the regeneration zone is a plant filter with reeds where the water is filtered and purified. This slopes to a gravel path running all the way around the pool, allowing easy access for maintenance.

A larch deck walkway runs down the length of the swim zone, this is perfect for accessing the water for maintenance work.

Surface skimmers are tucked away under the deck, accessed by deck hatches and the submerged pool pumps are tucked away in a pump house under the adjacent lawn area. The extensive lawn area around the water is perfect for children to run about and play in between swimming. Our clients have installed a hot tub and pool cabin, to create a complete outdoor living space around the water.

We especially love the slide on the jetty, like it had been designed especially for it!

Swimmers in natural pool