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Pool Services


It is important that your natural pool works with your site conditions and weather patterns, as well as fitting into your garden and lifestyle.

Ellicar Pools offers the following services to take you through the stages of planning and construction. Once it’s completed our pool maintenance team and water specialist will take care of servicing your pool each year.

  • Consultation - covering all aspects of your natural pool, including filtration options, construction methods, pool design, construction process, pool maintenance and water management.
  • Design - We offer a bespoke planning service, from initial concept plans and visuals through to detailed autoCad pool specifications.
  • Construction - Our skilled, BALI accredited pool specialists and landscape craftsmen will construct your pool from start to finish. A typical 100m2 natural pool usually takes around 8-10 weeks from start to finish.
  • Maintenance - Our pool maintenance team take care of servicing your pool in the winter months, ensuring your long-term enjoyment of your pool.
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Cost: £350 plus travel costs.

Clients are welcome to visit our own natural pool for a free consultation here at Ellicar Gardens, either by appointment or at one of our open days throughout the year. This is a good opportunity to see first-hand how the pool's filtration system works, learn about maintenance and gain an understanding about pool design, and options for pool finish and features. You’re also welcome to try out our pool.

Site visits and consultation
Before planning starts, we usually visit your garden for a site assessment and consultation. We discuss your pool requirements and wish list, your preferred style and finish, and look at the best location and orientation for your pool to function optimally in your existing garden. It’s helpful to have a topographical survey of your garden for our visit.

Contact us to book a consultation


Cost: £1000 - £3500

Bespoke planning and design: Most projects start with a concept plan for your natural pool. We discuss your requirements, assess your site conditions and design a pool that works with your lifestyle and garden. 

Pool specifications and technical construction drawings: In order to construct your pool we draw up a full set of technical drawings in AutoCad specifying your pool's filtration equipment, pumps, hydraulics and pipe work layout. We detail construction drawings for the pool's chambers, drainage requirements, lining and aggregates. Finally we produce a set of pool planting plans and detailed pool finish drawings showing decking, paving and cladding options to finish the water's edge.

Wider garden design: We offer a garden and planting design service for around the water, ensuring your natural pool fits seamlessly into your garden. 


Cost Guides (ex VAT):  
£85,000 for a concrete constructed natural pool around 100m2
£160,000 for a concrete constructed natural pool around 300m2
£60,000 for an earth shaped swimming pond 100m2

Our BALI accredited pool specialists and landscape craftsmen will construct and install your natural pool from start to finish. For self-build projects, we provide detailed construction plans for the pool chambers, with support during the construction phase. We install your pool from lining onwards.


Cost: around £600 per pool service plus travel.

Pool maintenance and water management:
Each winter our pool maintenance team will service your natural pool, cut back the water plants, clean and vacuum the pool and service the pumps and filters. We test and analyse your pool's water to ensure it’s balanced.  

Once every 4-5 years your pool requires a full service, where the regeneration areas are thoroughly cleaned, ensuring your pool remains in good health with crystal clear water.

During the swimming season we offer a consultation service where we visit our clients and assess plant growth and establishment in their natural pools. 

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Thinking about a natural pool? We’re happy to have a chat about your ideas. If you’d like to visit our natural pool at Ellicar Gardens, why not visit on one of our open days or contact us to make an appointment at another time.

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