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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the water kept clean?

Instead of chlorine and other chemicals, the water is filtered and purified naturally by water plants and a special Biotop filtration system. It feels just like a mountain lake – no stinging eyes, irritated skin or dry hair.

Are there any chemicals at all?

We don’t use any chemicals, just pure water.

Is the swimming area separate to the plants?

Yes the swimming zone is separated from the water plants by submerged walls. You can sit on the walls and water flows over them but the swimming zone is a defined area. Or if you prefer the regeneration zone can be separated.

Are natural pools time-consuming to look after?

Definitely not. They’re low maintenance, only needing a professional service once a year. Because the water warms up quickly with natural solar gain, there’s no need for heating; they have low energy costs and a longer swimming season.

How warm is the water?

Our pools warm up quickly due to the shallow water in the plant filter. In summer, the water temperature is usually 20C-22C and can easily reach 26C on a hot day. The pool is warmer in the evenings.

Can they be heated?

Yes a living pool or hybrid pool can be heated with an air source heat exchange system.

I only have a small garden, does that matter?

Natural pools start from 40sqm and can be any shape. A living pool can be even smaller, like a plunge pool.

Can I have a natural pool if I live in a listed property?

Absolutely. The ecological benefits and design options often make it easier to get planning permission over a conventional pool. Plus, no unsightly blue rectangle! A natural pool blends seamlessly into your garden and complements your home.

Are they suitable for children?

Whether your priority is family fun, swimming lengths or a bit of both, your pool will be practical and fun for everyone. We can incorporate shallow play beaches, boulders, jetties, stepping stones, and more. Fountains and water boulders make it more lively, and lighting means you can enjoy it after dark too.

I prefer a contemporary style, is that possible?

Yes. Whether you want a naturalistic retreat, a lavish contemporary pool, or a fuss-free plunge pool, we specialise in designing a pool to fit your taste and lifestyle. 

Do they get algae?

Our pools are an ecologically balanced, living system, designed to give you clear water all year round. A young pool needs time for the water plants to establish and during early spring the water may appear less clear for a short time. Or you may see pockets of filamentous algae in the shallow water amongst the reeds. This is easily scooped out and the pool should be sparkling clear once the water plants start growing. 

What sort of wildlife does a pool attract?

A natural pool is a magnet for wildlife. You’ll see birds bathing and drinking, swallows dipping in summer, dragonflies, newts, frogs and toads in spring, bats at night, and a fascinating underwater world of pond life. The wildlife prefers to remain in the planted areas, leaving the swimming zone free for you to enjoy.

Do natural pools attract mosquitoes?

No. Mosquitoes like still stagnant water - they won’t survive in a natural swimming pool.

What does the bottom of the pool feel like?

Our pools are lined with a TPO liner so the bottom feels like a conventional swimming pool with a smooth flexible liner. Vacuuming the pool floor either manually or with a pool robot keeps it clean during the swimming season.

What happens to the pool in winter?

The pool is beautiful in winter - a huge reflective surface and great for tree silhouettes and lighting effects. At Ellicar Gardens we leave our pumps running during winter but you can turn them off. Simply enjoy your pool in winter as a giant Sky Mirror in the garden.

How much do natural pools cost?

The cost of a project depends on factors such as construction, size, type, design, features and finish and site conditions including ground, drainage, access, and location. Visit our pool types pages for example project costs. Alternatively, feel free to contact us to discuss your pool project.

Where can I visit a natural pool?

Come visit us at Ellicar Gardens on one of our advertised open days.  Our award-winning natural swimming pool sits at the heart of our gardens.

Thinking about a Natural Pool?

We’re happy to have a chat about your ideas. If you’d like to visit our natural pool at Ellicar Gardens, why not visit on one of our open days or contact us to make an appointment at another time.

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