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Directors Will and Sarah Murch designed and built their first natural swimming pool in their family gardens and company HQ, Ellicar Gardens. We’ve been creating beautiful gardens and natural pools for over 20 years. And we’re proud to say we’re award-winning natural pool builders. As landscape designers, horticulturalists, water specialists, wildlife, and wild swimming enthusiasts, natural pools bring together the best of what we do. 

As a specialist natural pool company, we know what it takes to design and build your perfect natural swimming pool. Skilled design creates a natural-looking pool, utterly precise landscape engineering enables a bespoke build, and meticulous construction and hydraulics detailing builds in technical components below ground and underwater to ensure your pool functions 

Your pool has an immaculate finish and appears effortlessly natural because of the detailed design work and complex construction.

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Experts in natural pool design and build

So we know what it takes to engineer your perfect pool

Designing and building a long-lasting natural pool takes a team of pool building experts. Our established team includes a water specialist, a landscape architect and a construction specialist, a garden and plant designer, skilled landscape craftsmen, and a pool electrician and lighting expert. And we’re accredited by the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) which means we’re recognised for meeting the highest level of landscape industry standards.

Your idyllic natural swimming pool is brought to life with our innate knowledge of design, build, materials, and what’s realistically achievable with living water. Every member of the skilled team is handpicked for their engineering expertise, technical skills, specialist water knowledge and love of wild swimming too. Our experience in the water means we put ourselves in your shoes to truly understand what’s needed to create a pool that’s perfect for you.

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Beautiful design balanced with practicality

So, you can make the most of your natural pool

We’ve studied how people use water and interact with landscapes for many years. So, we understand how to design and build your natural pool for the way you want to use it. Perhaps your priority is family fun with toddlers or teenagers, swimming lengths, or simply relaxing and watching wildlife while enjoying the occasional dip. Your pool will be as beautiful as you imagine yet practical and easy to look after. We design your pool to suit your style too. Whether that’s a naturalistic retreat at the end of your garden or a contemporary plunge pool by your patio, it will blend into your garden and complement your architecture.

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In-pool features

For a natural pool you can use all year round

Time spent in and around natural swimming pools as well as designing and building them, means we appreciate the smaller details that can have a big impact on making the most of your pool. Boulders, jetties, stepping stones, play beaches and more add to the experience. With carefully considered pool hydraulics, you can enjoy a still, reflective pool for peace and tranquillity. Or make it more lively with mesmerising ripples spreading across the water’s surface, water bubbling up through boulders, or splashing into the pool via a millstone or rill. Optimising natural thermal gain means you can use your pool for more months of the year too, and with lighting, you can enjoy it after dark.

Whether you’re looking for family fun, alfresco dining, quiet contemplation or a place to reconnect with nature, our well-designed and expertly built natural pools can give you the lifestyle you want. 

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Professional aquatic planting

To keep your natural pool balanced

Water plants are key to hydro-botanical filtration. So our understanding of the different aquatic species, their function and where and how they grow best in your pool is crucial for your pool to thrive. And by adopting a naturalistic planting style in and around the water and selecting native species, your pool will be a magnet for wildlife too.

With our roots in horticulture and ecological planting, we’re experts in designing and building your pool with specific regeneration zones and planting ledges for establishing deep aquatic plants. Shallow shelves at the water’s edge are home to marginals which soften the pool edge and blur the boundaries between pool and garden. 

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Ecological planting schemes

That draw in wildlife and give back to the planet

Ecological planting supports pollinators such as butterflies and bumblebees. Enjoy swallows dipping as you swim in the pool or sit beside it. Watch garden birds and spot rare species bathe in shallow beaches and splash around the cobbles. A summer’s evening swim with bats hunting over the water is a magical experience.

Dragonflies emerge from the reeds, frogs and toads spawn amongst shallow marginals and newts will come to live in your pool too. Naturalistic borders around the water’s edge provide habitat for young amphibians leaving the water. While delicate oxygenators and water lily stems hide a world of pond life. (Don’t worry, wildlife doesn’t like open water and stays in the regeneration zones leaving you to enjoy the swim zone.)

And we can add wildlife escape routes to formal pools, newt hibernation areas, kingfisher perches, and wildlife viewing spots to bring you closer to nature, naturally.

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Crystal clear water all year round

Using cutting-edge, world-class biological filtration

Biological water filtration is at the core of our natural pools, so you can enjoy swimming in sparkling clear, chemical-free water all year round. Instead of chlorine and other chemicals, your pool water is filtered and purified naturally by water plants and a special Biotop filtration system. Your swim is refreshing and with all the proven health benefits of wild swimming while being better for the environment too. 

We trained with world leaders and natural pool pioneers, Austria-based Biotop, and have extensive experience in biological water filtration. Biotop have over 30 years’ experience of living water filtration, and their approach is cutting edge and research led. Their multi-patented water balancing equipment is designed and constructed specially for natural pools and is the best on the market. So, you can be sure your water is free from chemicals, hygienic, low maintenance and crystal clear all year round. 

Looking after your natural pool

Our quality guarantee

Unwavering high standards

We’re accredited by the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) which means we’re recognised for continuously meeting the highest level of industry standards.

Water quality and hygiene

We set the bar high for water quality and hygiene. Expect crystal clear water to 2m deep and water hygiene to the German FLL international standard for commercial natural pools. 

Quality assurance and commissioning

At each stage of the construction, your pool will be inspected and signed off for quality assurance. Once completed, we commission your pool over a period of time, returning to check plant establishment and water quality. You’ll receive full training in pool maintenance. Each project is completed with an Operations and Design manual. Members of British Association of Natural Swimming Pools and the International Organisation for Natural Bathing Waters.

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