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Landscape Design

Landscape design for architects and developers

Connecting people and places through ecological landscape design

The result is healthier communities, inspiring spaces and sustainable landscapes. Social and environmental sustainability is inherent to my landscape designs. Beyond the brief, my mission is to develop exemplary designs that improve the environment by responding to some of earth’s most significant threats: climate change, air pollution, loss of biodiversity and water pollution.

Since 2001 I’ve been collaborating with national, international and award-winning architects and developers to design purposeful, joyful outside spaces that frame architectural excellence.

That means a varied portfolio of landscaping designs for domestic developments, multi-faceted public schemes, gardens and more across commercial, residential, healthcare, education, leisure and open landscapes.

digitalis ferruginea in courtyard garden
contemporary courtyard garden

Landscape design that complements the build

Horticultural knowledge honed over more than three decades and hands-on experience of water design, designing for wildlife and appreciation of site ecology enables me to bring the most complex visions to life for clients. My expertise is matched by unrelenting rigour, an agile approach and solution-led thinking, giving my creations and clients the edge. 

Timeless beauty and purposeful design merge to respond to the function a landscape must fulfil, site sensitivities and constraints, and your vision. Overlaying that vision with horticultural and landscape engineering expertise, I deliver landscaping solutions and dynamic designs that help you engage planning committees, clients and communities. And naturally, they’re created to attract wildlife too.

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Award-winning water design specialist 

Water management | Biological filtration | Natural pool design-build | Water feature design-build

Water creates a sense of place. It draws us in, brings generations together and reconnects us with nature. A beautifully balanced body of water gives focus in public spaces and private gardens. It brings them alive literally by connecting families, helping build healthy communities and enticing people into towns and cities.

But more than that, it’s a magnet for wildlife and enhances biodiversity to have a positive impact on ecosystems. By harnessing the power of water plants and utilising Biotop’s world-leading chemical-free biological filtration processes within my water designs too, we stop being part of the water pollution problem. Applying ecological design across the entire project creates a truly sustainable landscape.

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Decorative and functional water features designed to fit the site

Rills and streams | Wildlife ponds | Water cascades | Rain gardens | Decorative fountains |

The perfect water feature, wildlife pond or pool can be designed and created for almost any size space. By working with the site’s character and contours, it can be functional too. It could be a contemporary plunge pool in a smaller urban setting, a swimming lake on a leisure site or a pool dedicated to wildlife within a residential or commercial development. I apply the same living water filtration technology to balance these water bodies, without the use of chemicals, to realise my clients’ ecological aspirations.

The practical considerations of creating the perfect pool of water are taken care of too, with hands-on construction experience.  I take account of the realities of building the project, thinking about volumes of spoil, access for machinery, minimised waste, reuse and more. So, you can be confident of a design that realises your vision and a snag-free build. 

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Plant-driven landscape design

Planting design | Naturalistic planting | Ecological design | In and around water planting design

Planting design has a pivotal role to play in responding to climate change and sustainability. Protecting and enhancing the environment while creating beautiful, functional outside spaces for people are at the core of my designs. 

And planting schemes which deliver inventive solutions to meet other, ever-growing, environmental challenges help my clients deliver truly environmentally led projects too. Ecological planting schemes can reduce and purify dirty surface water with beautiful rain gardens, support flood reduction using swales and sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs) and utilise surface water with reed beds designed for water purification.

Delivering environmental solutions to your design vision

understanding site biodynamics | selecting plants for specific conditions | adaptable planting schemes

Being familiar with different natural habitats and understanding the make-up of their native flora also means planting designs that work with the surroundings, soil and ecology of the site to fulfil environmental requirements and improve existing site biodiversity. 

I apply this same knowledge and practical appreciation to realise a design vision where light, soil and site water conditions aren’t suited to the look and feel. By adapting and selecting similar plants and different species that thrive in the conditions, I bring the vision to life. In this way I can bring naturalistic planting to sites where the ground and other factors are unsuitable such as water meadows in urban settings and guarantee the planting has a healthy lifespan too.

My experience across water management and planting design puts your outside space in safe hands.

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Landscape design that drives behaviour

Public spaces | Cities and towns | Retail areas | Business premises

The design of a landscape influences how people interact with it and can drive behaviour. My landscape designs incorporate research and insight into how different types of people use outside spaces, how they move through a site and their behaviour in response to their surroundings. 

Aspects of design can encourage people into towns and cities, make them places of destination and create a thriving economic hub. They can turn everyday housing developments into upmarket residences commanding higher prices and cut community-driven planning objections. And case studies have shown the positive impact well-designed landscapes have on productivity, creativity and wellbeing in the workplace.

My designs deliver commercial objectives without compromising the aesthetics or the environment. Knowing how to draw people into a space, naturally encourage movement around the site and influence their behaviour opens up opportunities to create innovative solutions and help you deliver forward-thinking projects. 

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Landscaping design services for architects and developers

Public spaces | Cities and towns | Retail areas | Business premises

Having worked alongside architects and developers for many years, I’m familiar with the role landscape design plays within projects big and small, the planning application process and I have a detailed understanding of what’s required within a landscaping scheme. And I regularly liaise with planning officials on behalf of clients to get buy-in and guarantee specific expectations are met.

My services are designed to help architects exceed client expectations and developers to maximise their commercial opportunity. And they’re delivered in a fuss-free way to ensure your project runs smoothly, meets timescales and maximises my expertise and input.

Service options include: Initial concept plans and cost consultancy | 3D visuals and walk-throughs | Design development | Technical design | Construction drawings | Specifications | Planting plans and plant schedules | Project management | Plant source and supply | Maintenance schedule | Water system operation and design manuals | Ongoing management through establishment and development phase

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